Special Occasion

I think I previously brushed on this subject I’m about to discuss.  If I did, please just note that I am a bit obsessed with the whole topic of being happier and sparking joy.

Now, I do not remember if I read about the following in The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin or The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  I read those 2 books back to back which is why I might have blurred where I read the story I’m about to recap.

So I read about someone who is mentioned in one of either book (highly recommend both, in my opinion, they go hand in hand).  The person mentioned found some napkins that their grandmother had been saving for a special occasion or special day.  The person found these items upon going through the grandmother’s possessions after her death.  For some reason, I think a lot about this story because I find it extremely sad and too relatable. I too have a propensity to save “nice” things for a special day or in case something comes up, I can have something new to wear, use or whatever.  The thing is that life is finite and things happen, there are highs and lows in life and stuff is stuff, meant for us to use, wear, etc. I know that when I read that story, I thought to myself that I would think I failed at life if ever I was the grandma in that story-buying and storing nice things for a special occasion and then having passed away not having used my nice things.

Please don’t confuse this with being materialistic.  Honestly, now that I’ve been thinking about this so much, it’s more materialistic to not use your nice things than it is to use them.  What you’re saying when you don’t use your nice China or napkins with your family or guests is that none of them are worthy of your nice things-so you’re valuing things over people, or even worse, you’re saying nothing special enough has happened in your life that is worthy of “that dress” or “those shoes” or “those plates”.

I’ve gotten a lot better about using my things, even though I am careful with my nieces and nephews who are all under 10 when I want to use my “fancy” plates and cups.  That’s just because I do not want to break them. You see I have an obsession with teacups (that I use mostly for coffee), and then we have our beautiful wedding china that I simply love-it’s so beautiful.  These things are not cheap and at first, I wanted to “save” them until we moved into our house, but then I read The Happiness Project and The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it is as if my eyes were opened.

As of right now, I’ve 3 pieces of clothing I have yet to wear-one is a beautiful blue romper that I just have to wear before winter because it’s short-I got it about 3 weeks ago; the other is a dress I bought specifically for a wedding I am attending, so that will be worn soon and the third is another dress, more casual that I should also just wear, I haven’t but it’s not because I’m “saving” it, these days I live in leggings and t-shirts because, toddler.

The other day I bought super soft, nice quality sheets, I put them on our bed the minute I got home.  Normally, I would have “saved” these, but my desire to not be like the napkin grandma is greater than my urge to “save” things for another time.  I love those sheets, in fact, I got a second set as back up that we have now also used and love.

I promised myself I would use my wedding shoes more.  They’re the iconic Carrie Bradshaw Manolo Blanik Hangisi shoes and after out wedding, I cleaned the soles, put them in their bag and box and away in my closet because hello, I don’t want them to get “messed up.” Since my born-again life after having read the 2 books I mention here, I have worn them again. Now, I don’t as often because again, toddler, but I think I am just going to wear them to court one of these days.  Those shoes are too beautiful to keep them stored away.

Lastly, of all my teacups/coffee cups, my favorite are the one’s from Villeroy & Boch’s New Wave line*.  These cups are so simple and yet they’re a work of art.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, comments on them when I bring them out-which is all the time.  Again, I had some of these prior to my Rubin/Kondo awakening and had been “saving” them- for what exactly, I don’t know.  The joy they bring me, my friends and family, some people might find ridiculous, after all they’re cups.  Just yesterday, my husband had some of his friends over for a poker game and I served coffee.  They, all men, commented on how beautiful my cups were, one even said he’s never felt so special and asked if he was worthy of this “royal treatment”.  Again, they’re just cups, beautiful ones, but I got an immense joy out of making our guests feel special and they felt it too.  Had I been “saving” these, we all would’ve missed out on this simple way to add joy to our days.

Enjoy every moment and every thing.  If you ever find yourself “saving” your nice things, remember napkin grandma, perhaps it’ll make you reconsider.

Have a blessed week!


*I have them in various sizes-teacup (low and wide), espresso (smallest), cappuccino (medium), cafe au lait (largest I own).

These are not my pictures, but this is our wedding china, Wedgwood Renaissance Gold:


Upholder or Rebel?

I have mentioned Gretchen Rubin on here before.  Right after I read The Happiness Project, I thought I’d start a Happiness Project of my own.  I didn’t stick to having a theme per month or even writing about it.  I have stuck to my happiness project in the sense that I now consciously choose to cultivate joy and self growth in my everyday life, I just don’t tackle something specific every month or keep track.  It’s just an overarching theme in my life to choose the joyful, life-affirming and positive things over other choices in daily life.

Well, I am now reading Better Than Before and listen to her podcast, Happier.  It amazes me how many similarities there are between us-in terms of likes, etc. I feel like I know her.  This despite the fact that she is an Upholder and I am a Rebel.

I was wondering the other day if it’s possible to be one tendency in childhood and another as an adult, because, looking back on my life, I see a lot of upholder-ish things I did.  Upon closer reflection, however, I saw that I have been a rebel all along.  You see, my confusion comes from the fact that I was a goody-two shoes.  I was never late to school, I only missed school because I was forced to my sophomore year of high school because I came down with the mumps; I never drank alcohol until I got to college; have never tried any drugs nor do I have any interest (I am of the camp that marijuana is a gateway drug, don’t try to convince me otherwise, no one starts off with heroin).  I was the friend who other parents let their kids go out with.  I did my homework before allowing myself to do anything fun, always studied hard.  I do remember, however, having a cell phone on me even though I wasn’t supposed to have it in school.  It was always off in class, but I got a secret thrill out of having it, knowing it was not allowed.

I loved getting good grades and I don’t recall anything being as satisfying as getting good grades.  I liked to be deemed the responsible one in my group of friends, I liked having the respect of my teachers.  My parents never once told me to study or do my homework, they didn’t have to.  Actually, over Christmas break and spring break, my mom would ask me to take a break, that I’d have the whole week to do the homework, etc.  The way I figured, I’d do it and it’d be over and I’d have free time.

In elementary school, they used to make us drink milk from a carton. The teacher who had lunch duty would come around and check, but I found a way to get away with not drinking it (who wants pizza or nuggets with milk? yuck!).  I’d fold the top as if I had drank it, put in my napkin (it absorbed some of the milk) and then put any left over food or fruit in it-it was like my little personal garbage can.  The teachers never suspected me or at least they let me get away with it because I was such a well-behaved and good student.  Now that I look back, it was so obvious! I thought I was so sneaky, but now I’ll never know if they just let it slide or they never really suspected me.  Either way, I never had to drink that nasty milk (it was never super cold the way I like it).

My “rebel” move in college was studying abroad.  None of my friends went abroad and my parents were so against it, it made me want to go all the more.  I did go and I loved it!

I guess when I choose to be, I can be the most upholding upholder there is, but really if I feel like it.  I can still be a real Pharisee sometimes (I can be a stickler for rules I believe in, sometimes I really think only I’m right, I am attracted to things like etiquette rules) trying to work on it.

Lately, since I am learning so much about myself (and now I know why I haven’t liked a single job I’ve had before except now when I work for myself-for one, I hate fixed schedules-who is productive from 9-5 or 8-6? I think all jobs should be flexible on time-go in, do your work, leave no need to be there all day; people should be allowed to work from home, especially in the tri-state area where commuting takes so much time and energy…), I have been tricking myself to workout.  I go full steam on diets and workout routines and then abandon them completely.

Every time I even think of working out, I feel so overwhelmed and if I set a time, for example, if I say to myself workout for only one hour, the hour seems so onerous I don’t even get started.  So, since I have a lot of catching up to do on the podcast (Happier) what I do now is that I go for a walk for the duration of the podcast I’m listening to, sometimes I listen to 2.   This way there is no set time, I mostly don’t get an hour in, but whatever time I do walk, is more time active than sitting at home.  So, I’m winning.  For now, it’s just walking, but I have been so sedentary other than going after the baby that I notice a huge difference already-I have more energy, my legs are sore, I’m regularly hitting over 7k steps instead of my usual 2k. Most importantly, I look forward to my walks.

Wishing you all a nice long weekend! Hopefully, I’ll post some product reviews this weekend.

As Gretchen says, “Onward and upward!”

Shampoo & Hair Care

Friends, ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a lawyer and so it really is no surprise that I became one. I love what I do and it is immensely rewarding to really make a difference in people’s lives by simply caring and guiding them through their legal problems. As you know, however, I am also very passionate about beauty-skincare, haircare, makeup and even nutrition though I don’t always follow my own advice on this last one. 

In terms of hair care, I’ve tried it all. As a little girl, I got my hair relaxed. As a teenager, I stopped relaxing because I felt that my hair felt like straw. I then started dying my hair and I’d change hair color the way I’d change nail polish-constantly. Then one day, in my post-Bar exam crisis (waiting for results is pretty nerve wracking), I cut my hair in an asymmetrical bob and said no more color (my natural hair color is pretty bad-ass). 

I stopped coloring and then my hair dresser told me about keratin treatments, I tried and was hooked. But Keratin treatments are short lived in the sense that they only last a few months, are hella expensive and once the treatment completely washes out, your hair is back to being straw-like and lackluster.

Anyway, I happened to hear about Monat and decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and the results are dramatic- my hair has never felt so soft or been so shiny. I hesitated because all the reviews I saw/read were not by people with ethnic hair, but I am here to tell you- it is for ethnic hair, it is for curly hair, it is for limp hair, it is for everyone!

Mostly, I wanted to try for hair growth since my hair seems to be stagnant and I will update on that once I’ve been using it longer. I will tell you, when I wash my hair now, I lose almost no hair whereas before I’d lose a big ball of hair with every wash. Also, my hair hasn’t been getting tangled, part of the hair loss was that I’d have huge knots, especially around the crown of my head. 

I will repeat what I mentioned on instagram, I am not a salesperson, but I have also never had a product work this well, work just as it claims and so, if you are interested in trying, please feel free to comment below or contact me personally. If you go off and read a ton of reviews and are ready to buy, please use my market partner link: http://ktmisscunqui.mymonat.com and place your order. You will not regret it!

The Story of Joseph and Birthday Celebrations

I haven’t written many posts for this section, though I’ve started many.  Sometimes, I think it’s too personal, or that it might bore some people or that people don’t care for these things-but I do and it’s my blog.  Besides, lately I’ve been praying to meet more people of faith.  It’s an important part of me and I think life can only be enriched by surrounding yourself with more people who share your values.

So a few years back, 2010 if I’m not mistaken, I started celebrating my birthday month.  By celebrating my birthday month, I mean I consciously did something nice for myself or bought myself something or tried something I had been meaning to try, but hadn’t. Sometimes I’d buy myself a magazine or try a new lipstick or try a new restaurant; frequently, I got manicures.  Well, one of the things I wanted to do was attend a weekday Mass and I did and I loved it.  Weekday masses are short and sweet, at least in my parish, there’s no music or much fanfare.  To me, it is very like what I think meditation is, it’s a quiet prayer time, except you do it in church, with other people and then there’s a homily which you don’t get when you pray by yourself at home. I love homilies.  So, weekday Mass is around 20 minutes, I find it’s more intimate and, since I go to the earliest possible, an awesome way to start your day (I’m a morning person).

Anyway, I liked it so much, I went again a few times and then I decided, what greater celebration than to attend Mass in thanksgiving every day during my birthday month? The following year, I started doing just that and, except last year when I was pregnant, I have kept it, I attend daily Mass during the month of July.  I sometimes randomly go to a weekday Mass in any other month, but July- that’s every day.

So these past few days, the readings have been on Joseph, Old Testament Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery.  Now, I do not recall the technical term (if there is one?) for the type of prayer where you insert yourself in scripture.  I learned this when I did the Spiritual Exercises years ago.  Normally, this type of prayer is a bit hard for me, but for some reason, this week, it’s been almost automatic with the Joseph stories.  I am just very touched by this story, it’s not a new story, but it has so much significance to me now.  Maybe it’s because I’m older.  How could he forgive his brothers? Like, I feel the pain when it says he recognized his brothers.  Internally, I’m rooting for him so hard-like yeah, he’s second to Pharoh and here you are, begging him! I’m like yeah, go Joseph, make them suffer.  I mean, it’d be justified.  Then, there’s the reconciliation story and when he finally sees Jacob again (his dad) and I am so overwhelmed with joy, I’ve been tearing up at church.  I must have heard this story hundreds of times in my life, but it’s new to me now.  It just makes me think of God’s love for us, of his mercy, I’m in awe of Joseph and find myself rooting for him now for doing the right thing.  I hope to do the right thing always, but there’s that part of me, the one that initially wants to be like, Joseph slap those brothers and chase them out of there, they were so horrible to you!!

While I have not found it hard to forgive in life, I move on pretty quickly when someone is less than nice to me and sometimes outright does me wrong, I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to be super nice or generous or even hang out with them.  I harbor no ill will but I develop genuine apathy so I end up cutting those people from my life.  Anyhow, here’s to Joseph and his admirable power to not just forgive, but to go above and beyond for those who were so horrible to him.



Attitude of Gratitude + Giveaway

Hello lovelies!!

I know, I promised to post more often, but life gets in the way and the whole lawyering and mom thing has kept me pretty busy.

The other day, my mom shows up with a bag of my things that I had left at my parents’ place.  In it, among other things, there was a glass jar, my gratitude jar, which I had started in 2014.  Maybe it was the Bar exam and then getting married, but I stopped using my gratitude jar.  It was great reading the myriad of things, both big and small, I had written down.

It all started with a Facebook post from eons ago, I do not recall who posted, but someone posted a jar full of little folded papers and said something about writing one thing you are thankful for each day.  Seemed pretty simple enough and I started my own right away.  Nowadays, there is the 5 Minute journal and other such gratitude-tracking things, but I do like the idea of a gratitude jar very much and so I am going to pick it up again.

This coming month, I am going to try and stick with a schedule because lately I have been very busy professionally, which has made me very disorganized personally.  Besides, July is my birthday month and for the past few years, I have attended daily Mass during July, so that provides a little more structure to my day, I should schedule my gratitude minute with the same consistency.  Most days, ittakes less than a minute.

Speaking of gratitude, I am so grateful to have found Vintner’s Daughter.  This serum is so great for the skin, all the hype is true.  I have been using it for around 3 weeks now and there is such a difference.  I think I will always have a bit of hyper-pigmentation since I am always plucking those pesky hairs I get on my neck (unexplained hirsutism), but this serum has helped so much with that as well as the texture of my face.  It is a luxury product, the best and most thorough review I have found is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uMKUqTt5ps

Because July is my birthday month, I am going to do a giveaway.  To enter:

1. Follow me on instagram; like at least 15 posts in the month of July, hashtag #julygiveaway ;

2. Share at least 10 blogposts in the month of July on your social media accounts (can be past posts), #misscunqui so I can see them (twitter, instagram, Facebook).

Every share and like is an entry.

Winner will be announced on August 1, 2017, the giveaway prize is a bottle of Vintner’s Daughter.  US only, please.

Some Like It Rough…

when it comes to exfoliators! 

I happen to fall into this category. When I use an exfoliator, I want to feel it exfoliating and I want immediate softness results.

Not all high-end skincare is created equal. I spoke of Kate Somerville’s exfolikate in a previous post. That product is more of a chemical-type peel, it’s not abrasive, but it is very effective and the results are immediately visible and palpable. 

This post however is about the Chanel exfoliator and the Lancer Method Exfoliator (blemish control). 

I am disappointed in the Chanel because it’s not as “rough”. It has some beads but not enough so that I feel like I’m buffing away dead skin. I do love the smell and packaging, but in terms of results, the drugstore St. Ives Apricot scrub is better and a lot less expensive!

The past 4 weeks, I’ve been working on-stop, I had court every day except one day, a lot of work, plus my 10 month old and life. Before going to shower, sometimes I watch beauty reviews on YouTube. Well, it just so happened that one of the videos had to do with the Louboutin mascara. As these things sometimes do, I got suckered in- it felt like in those old cartoons where there’s an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Well, one side of me was saying- even if it’s that good, you’re not insane to pay $70 for a mascara; the other side of me was saying- if you work so hard all the time and you want ridiculously priced but allegedly good mascara, why wouldn’t you get it? What’s the point of working ?

All this to justify to myself getting that mascara which I will review some other time. However, there is another point to the story. I ordered the mascara online from Neiman Marcus and you can select some samples with your order. Since my two favorite things are fragrance and skin care, I picked fragrance and skin care samples. I received Lancer’s method samples and I instantly fell in love with the exfoliator. It’s really grainy so it feels exfoliating, smells great and has a warming effect on the skin. Once you rinse it off, it’s like baby skin! 

So in the battle of Chanel vs. Lancer for skincare, specifically an exfoliator, Lancer wins by a landslide. 

However, Chanel takes the cake with this beautiful, flattering blush from their 2017 Cruise collection.  No need to review this, it’s blush-if you like that peachy-pink healthy glow, this is for you!


I’m Back!! Estoy de regreso!!

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I just feel like there aren’t enough hours in a day! I had also been feeling super tired, with the baby, work and daily tasks, well I neglected something I love to do which is create content for this blog.

I tell you I am so excited to post more content, more often.


Hace bastante tiempo no paso por aquí y es que pues siento como que no me rinden las horas del día. Además, me estaba sintiendo superagobiada y es que con bebé, trabajo y los deberes de diario, pues me descuide con algo que me apasiona que es este blog.

Os cuento que estoy ansiosa por crear más contenido para ustedes y por supuesto más a menudo.



Miss Cunqui

Happiness Project

So I finished The Happiness Project on December 31, 2016.  I recommend the book wholeheartedly, I find the happiness project inspiring and more than that, do-able, customizable- I can do this and I can do it my way.

Of course, I’ve had 2 back to back colds, with about a 3 day break in between and so I’ve been slow to actually get going.  We’re still in January and so I figured, better late than never.  Not to mention, I am a rebel, haven’t yet started on Better Than Before (Gretchen Rubin’s other highly recommended book), but I did the assessment test.  Not to mention, I also started my business in December and so, a cold, an infant and a business.  Enough excuses though.  If all I’ve just written seems too foreign to you, it’s because, I realize, it’s heavily written in Gretchen Rubin-speak.  You may be wondering what is a happiness project anyway and what assessment do you speak of? While I won’t go into much detail, The Happiness Project is a book and I highly recommend you read it or at least read the synopsis on Amazon.  If I had to summarize it, I’d say it’s a book about exploring the act of increasing and experiencing happiness in quotidian ways, in a personal way-what are things you can work on or that would make you personally happy.  Rubin tells her experiences, but it’s more of a sample, guide for those looking to experience and increase happiness in their daily lives.

The book is broken up into chapters, each starting with Rubin’s goal for the month, which she calls resolutions. She goes into the difference between a goal and a resolution in the book, but for our purposes of establishing a reference point, I’ll call them goals.

Personally, for January I have 2 resolutions, one is a conscious choice and the other one, though now a conscience choice, sort of emerged and when I realized I was doing it, I thought to myself- hmm, that’s a fine resolution to have Katie!

I do plan on sticking to one resolution per month, but I’m embarking on this journey with some planning but the full intention of letting it grow organically.  I still have to sit down and write at least my intended resolutions for each month, but let’s roll with just January for right now.

So, my intention for January is having, acquiring, cultivating more energy in my life.  I want to start seriously working out again, be better about my eating habits, continue to organize even more, etc.  I find that I am failing at these things because I’m taking the easy way out- get takeout, stayed up with the baby all night- I can skip my morning workout, I worked too much, etc.  Rubin is big about acting the way you want to feel and I try and have been mostly successful, but honestly this flu/cold whatever I have has just put me out of commission, except for taking care of my daughter, I have to muster energy no matter what.  See, I want to have that level of committment with myself, no matter what- workout, plan meals, because no matter what I take care of my daughter, of my clients.  For example, on the weekend of the latest snowstorm, I had a client meeting and I went, despite having been feverish early in the day and being more congested than I’ve been in life.  But, I got up, showered, dressed nicely, put on my makeup, some nice shoes and I was on my way. I was dying, but I didn’t look it- at least not until you heard me speak or I went into a coughing hack. I need to be as dedicated to working out, I need to cultivate energy.  I really don’t have an excuse because, for the most part, I get a full night’s sleep and my husband is a very hands-on dad, so we really take care of the baby together for the most part.

Anyway, I do love working out-the results, how I feel afterwards, I’ve just been in this lazy funk.  So I thought, energy is a fine resolution to have- be more energetic, and all these things would fall under that umbrella: get enough sleep, drink enough water, exercise.

However, I don’t know if it’s reading these type of books, and also we just went through the Christmas season, but I’ve been thinking that I could totally be kinder and do kind things for others, small things.  Again, in my lazy funk or sometimes I legitimately just don’t have time, I cheap out on people in the sense that there’s little things I can do where I let them know that I love and appreciate them, that I care. So I have, without having made it an official resolution, been doing little things here and there-reaching out to friends, making myself available to an elderly neighbor; calling and listening to a friend who is going through some stuff, even at the end of a long day; reaching out to a good friend I haven’t spoken to in a few months; texting my husband, just because I probably don’t say it enough, just what a great dad and husband he is, because it’s true.  I am not listing the examples to show off, more like to demonstrate how little my acts of kindness have been, they really required minimal effort and they’ve brought me immense joy because they have been sincere and well received.  Since I gave birth, I have sort of retreated into myself, not really on purpose, there’s a lot of factors, but mostly my lack of effort or maybe even self-centerdness has been isolating and that’s just not who I am.  Also, I want the people who I love and appreciate to know so, though I do consider myself an affectionate person, I may not express it as much as I’d like.

So there are my January resolutions, cultivate more energy in my life and do more acts of kindness for others, however small.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful 2017 and that it just keeps getting better!





Las Fragancias de Jo Malone


La semana pasada estuve de compras por Neiman Marcus.  Fui por cosas totalmente ajenas al perfume pero ya conocen mi debilidad! Además, recordé que hacia poco probé la ultima fragancia de Jo Malone, Basil & Neroli y que me había encantado.  Así que, finalice mis compras y me di una vuelta por el mostrador de Jo Malone.  Iba con toda la intención de volver a probar a Basil & Neroli, pero al hacerlo, me di cuenta de que no me gustaba para nada! No se si quizás me equivoque la vez pasada y en realidad no probé a Basil & Neroli, pero esta vez, me repugnaba. Huele como a Agua de Violetas, la colonia de bebe, que me rechina un poco, como colonia de bebe mezclada con Mistolín.

Le contaba esto a la asociada de ventas y también le comente el estilo de perfume que si me gusta.  Ella me recomendó Wood Sage & Sea Salt y Dark Amber & Ginger Lily. Estas dos fragancias si que me encantaron y las llevé conmigo.

La marca trata de crear una experiencia lujosa para el consumidor, las fragancias vienen empacadas en su caja y una elegante cinta negra hecha laso.  La presentación es bastante distinguida y estas fragancias hacen un lindo y diferente regalo ya que los aromas son inusuales.

Las fragancias de Jo Malone son ligeras y están diseñadas para usarlas en capa en conjunto con otras colonias, pero a mi me gusta usarlas individualmente.

Me perdonan que no tome mas fotos, pero por muy linda bolsa y lazos, saque mis colonias y el resto lo tire a la basura. Antes, solía guardar este tipo de bolsas y el embalaje bonito, pero después de KonMari, no- en realidad no me trae alegría el embalaje (excepto en el momento que recibo el producto u obsequio) y jamás reutilizo las bolsas, en fin…

I got Botox!

Not so fast, I didn’t really get botox, at least not on my face. I got hair botox done. The procedure is less intense than a keratin treatment, there’s no rewashing in 24 hours nor is there the tedious application, drying and then wash and dry again. The botox treatment is applied as you would a deep conditioner, except your hair is left soft and unfrizzable. Yeah, unfrizzable, as in you can sweat, get your hair wet in the rain, walk around on a humid day, be on the beach in the carribean and your hair will look freshly done and no curl or poof to be seen. For us the curly-haired- want-to-be-straight-haired, it’s really a God-send. The treatment lasts about 3 months, provided you use sulfate-free, sodium-free hair products.

Speaking of sulfate/sodium free products, upon intense research, I came to the conclusion that the best shampoos, at least the ones with everything I was looking for and with the best reviews, are those by Oribe.

I’ve only tried the Oribe one time (I mixed both shampoos) and so far so good. Can’t really do a fair review of something when I’ve only used it once, so maybe I’ll review it later.

The botox, however, I can tell you is life changing. I got a keratin treatment once and didn’t again, despite loving the results, due to the enormous amount of time it took, plus I had to go again to the hair salon in 3 days. Botox, again, keratin results, application like a deep conditioner.

Have you tried hair botox or keratin treatments?